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Sight Words Flash Cards – Free Download

Sight words are high frequency words that we find in any text and children should know them to become fluent readers. There are just few sight words that we can read using phonic sounds but rest don’t follow phonetic patterns and we’ve to memorize them. I’ve created a set of sight words flash cards in which I’ve included all the sight words you need to teach from nursery to class-1. Do watch our YouTube video for more resources and some interactive worksheets ideas.

If you download these flash cards, then please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing..I live in Netherlands I don’t even have English books in shops here..really very useful for everyone like me

    2. Thank you so much mam.. It’s very helpful to make the kid understand.. Immense grateful and gratitude towards to u…

      • It is working fine for me. It might be some browser issue. If you are still not able to download, then please share the error message that you are getting.

    3. Mam , I am your big fan… I eagerly wait for your video..whatever you providing …is very important to us . So thank you ..

    4. Mam you are really amazing.A allrounder mother.your printable cards are so helpful for our kids..I eagerly waiting your video .plz make a video on basic general knowledge question and answer with chiya for 5 year old child

    5. Thank you so much mam. Can please update us how to start phonics and if u have a pattern or lesson plan kindly share. Worksheets for phonics also.

    6. thank u so much mam… Ur videos are very helpful… All worksheet ideas very nice n helpful to kids to easily understand…. 😊👌🙏

      • Hi, I think you are talking about country flags flashcards. It was sent to you on the same day, check your spam folder too. If not received, please update here and we will send it again.

    7. Hi, i am not able to download. When i click on Sight words, just below it shows 100% but file is not getting download. please help.

    8. I tried mozilla, chrome, edge, opera, internet explorer and in different devices including mobiles but when i click on the link it shows 100% and when i click again, page throws me to the top of the page. for me this is happening with all the free printables. i would be grateful if you can fix or if you can help me with other method of downloading. Thanks


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