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Rhyming Words Worksheets | Free Download

How to teach your child to read easily and fast? I’ve been getting this question for a quite some time and in our “Read with Dhiyara” series, am going to share all tips, techniques and resources that you’ll need to teach your child to read fast and fluently.
In this post, I’ve shared some interactive rhyming words worksheets and activities that will help improve the phonemic awareness among kids. If you follow all instructions given in the below video and practice them with your children daily, you’ll be surprised how easily your kids will start to read simple sentences.

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    1. Hey hi, you are doing good work. It helps to teach me my little girl like dhiyara.. all the best. Your worksheets are best. Keep doing it.. I alwways watch your videos , they are very useful for me. Thank you dear ❤️

    2. Hello Rakhi Mam.. You are doing a great job… Your efforts are appreciable and I love to watch you and chia.. I also do the home schooling of my daughter.. your videos helps me alot.. lots of love to chia..😘

      • It is working fine for me. It might be some browser issue. If you are still not able to download, then please share the error message that you are getting.

    3. Hi rakhi,

      First of all, thank you so much for taking time to introduce very unique ways to make kids understand the concept whether to make worksheets, make them undertand.

      Actually, I’ve a request of you could make a video on how to start reading for kids. I mean which steps to follow first. Some saying to initroduce sight words to kids which I have not done yet. My daughter just turn 5 and I want to introduce her. Though I downloaded sight words from your site but I don’t get it as what are the sight words -I and how to make her read. Do I need to tell her to memorize them all ?

      Can you please guide and also one more video for before after and between numbers. She’s get confused when ask about before numbers and schools has introduced reverse counting as well but still she gets confused. She is not facing any problem in after numbers and between but yes in before numbers.

      I will be very grateful to you if you could help me in this. Also, Is there any way out to talk to you and face to face session.

      Thank you and take care!


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