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Learn to Tell Time on a Clock | Time Telling for Kids – Free Clock Printable

Hello. In my latest video, I’ve shared how you can teach your children to tell time on a clock easily at home. This is the part-1 of our time telling series and in my next video, I’ll be sharing some worksheets ideas that you can practice with your child at home. Scroll down for the download link of the clock.

I hope your child will learn to tell time easily through this interactive clock. Do let me know in the comment section if you’ve any doubts or questions. Happy parenting.

Stay Safe!

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    1. Thank youuu soo muucchh! All material you’ve provided very helpful Masha Allah! You’ve become great inspiration for all the mothers! 👍👍👍

    2. Thank you so much. It’s vry helpful. I was in search of such trick for time learning for my daughter. It’s a huge help.

    3. Thank you ma’am. Aapka video kafi helpful hota hai. Mai v bahut kuch Naya shikhti hu aur apni beti ko v shikha Pati hi. Thanks again 😊

      • The link is working fine. After you enter your name/email, you will get a link(blue color, with the name related to the PDF file) on the same page to download the free PDF.


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