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Digraphs and Blends Flashcards – FREE DOWNLOAD

Digraphs are combinations of two letters that represent a single sound. Some common digraphs include “sh,” “ch,” “th,” “ph,” and “wh.” Whereas Letter Blends, also known as consonant blends, are combinations of two or three consonant letters that appear together in a word, but each letter retains its individual sound. Common examples of letter blends include “bl” in “blend,” “st” in “stop,” and “gr” in “green.”

When teaching letter blends and digraphs, it’s important to provide explicit instruction and ample practice opportunities. Use engaging activities such as word sorts, word-building games, and reading exercises that incorporate digraphs. Reinforce learning through repetition and gradually introduce more complex words and sentences to reinforce the understanding and application of digraphs.

Teaching letter blends and digraphs to kids is important for several reasons:

  1. Sound mastery: Learning digraphs helps children become more proficient in decoding and recognizing sounds in words. It expands their phonics knowledge beyond individual letter sounds, allowing them to tackle more complex words.
  2. Vocabulary expansion: Digraphs appear frequently in the English language, and recognizing them expands a child’s vocabulary. By teaching digraphs, children can read and understand a wider range of words, which enhances their comprehension skills.
  3. Improved reading fluency: Mastering digraphs helps children read more fluently because they can recognize and decode words more efficiently. Instead of laboriously sounding out each individual letter, they can quickly identify the digraph and pronounce the corresponding sound.
  4. Spelling accuracy: Understanding digraphs also improves a child’s spelling abilities. By recognizing and using digraphs correctly, children can spell words more accurately, as they learn to associate specific sounds with the corresponding digraphs.
  5. Confidence in reading: As children become proficient in identifying and using digraphs, their confidence in reading and decoding words increases. This confidence can motivate them to tackle more challenging texts and develop a love for reading.

By teaching letter blends and digraphs, you equip children with valuable tools to become more skilled and confident readers, setting them on a path to success in reading and language development.

Flashcards are one of the most effective ways when it comes to teaching different concepts. I’ve designed some commonly used digraphs and blends flashcards that you can download for free from our website.

How to use our Flashcards:

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  • Take coloured printouts on thick cardstock paper
  • Cut out the Flashcards (there are 4 cards on each sheet)
  • You can further laminate flashcards for durability

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Happy parenting!

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  1. Hi I am not able to print the free flash cards. The printer says format is not supported
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    • Please check printer settings, it should match with the paper selected. For example, both printer settings and the paper settings should be either A4 or US letter.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful worksheets love all ur videos ..keep sharing love to see show us more scrapbooks n memory books plz ..thnks

  3. Suoerb worksheets love all ur videos ..keep sharing love to see show us more scrapbooks n memory books plz ..thnks can’t download plz tell us how


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