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Country Flags – 28 Printable Flashcards

Hey guys, many of you asked for printables of country flags. On popular demand, I made custom country flag flashcards with additional information about that country (capital city, currency, continent). In this post, I am sharing the 28 different country flags as printable flashcards. Countries included are India, US, Canada, UK, Pakistan, China, Japan, UAE, Brazil, South Korea, Russia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, Bangladesh, Germany, Switzerland, Philippines, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, France, Egypt, and New Zealand.

If you are interested, then you will have to purchase them for US $4 (Indian Rs.300). Below, I am giving links to purchase them. Once you make the payment, I will send you the flashcards in an email.

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” or “Pay Now” buttons below and make the payment
  2. Within 24-hours of the payment, we will send you an email with a PDF file
  3. Download the attached PDF file
  4. Take out colour prints (portrait mode)
  5. Laminate them and cut out the flashcards
  6. Share the flashcards with your kids

Rs.300 – Pay in India with Wallet/Credit card/Bank Account

US $4 – Pay Anywhere in the world using Paypal or credit card



  1. Thanks so much! My daughter learned 10 countries map/ capital/ currency in no time!

    I was not able to find these flashcards in amazon . Thanks for sharing these amazing flashcards and making my journey easy with kids! 🙂

  2. Hi Rakhi,

    This such a wonderful website you are creating. Please include something for 3-4 year age group as well.

    Great work. Keep it up.



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